If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced Vincent van Gogh


One eye sees, the other feels Paul Klee

Typical Workshops


Workshops can be tailored to a variety of issues -  see Services for a complete list.

Art for the Heart and Mind is always open to topics, issues, and needs. Titles of recent Workshops include:  

  • Introduction on Art Therapy and Self-Care (Group of 8)  Directive:  Mandala - Self-Care - Process
  • Art Therapy and Stroke Support (Group of 10 - Stroke survivors/caregivers)  Directive:  Draw an image within a circle - Process
  • Art Therapy and Brain Injury Support (Group of 23 - Brain injury survivors/caregivers)  Directive:  Draw an image of a pleasant memory - Process


Sample Art Therapy Workshops

  • Introduction
  • Clinical - Specific Issues
  • Corporate/Workplace
  • Social - Non-Specific Issues





What Is Art Therapy and What Are The Benefits of Art Therapy 15 minutes

1. What is the difference between an Artist and a Clinical Art Therapist?

2. What is the function and importance of the Art Therapist?

3. How does the Therapeutic process achieved during an Art Therapy Session make a difference for you?

4. How can the Art Therapist facilitate and import healing to the art making process in the session?


Clinical (1)

Title: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Size: Group of 4 to 6

Directive  |  Boundary Collage  30 minutes

Materials:  18x24 white cardboard, magazine pictures, felt-markers, scissors, and glue.

Procedure:  Encourage the group to create a joint collage about a safe place.  After completion, encourage sharing of

images and discussion.  1 hour

Rationale: Group activities for adults experiencing trauma enhances cohesion by reclaiming positive parts of their childhood

such as the ability to explore and create a supportive environment. This intervention encourages members to explore way to

establish safe boundaries


Clinical (2)

Title:   Personal Awareness

Size:   Group of 6

Directive  |  Reconstruction  30 minutes

  • The Art Therapist instructs the Group to use the art materials available on and around the workspace, such as paint, paper,

pastels, textiles - and the image or illustration they should create.

  • The Art Therapist informs the group that artistic skills are NOT necessary to create.  Only the natural freedom of expression

is neccesary.

  • The Group will create their illustration during this Reconstruction period.

Describe and Discuss  30 minutes

  • Group members share and describe their images in an open discussion, with guidance from the Art Therapist.
  • This process opens up a path for introspection, personal awareness and clarity, giving Group members a better

understanding of how to cope or approach a particular concern or situation in their life.



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