"Creativity Never Felt So Good"

NITHA Workshop ... Facilitated by Anna Sandoval, MAAT, ATR and Donna Yanus, RYT

NITHA Workshop


Art Therapy is a unique way to express feelings.  It is creative awareness that enables the ability to cope with life challenges. Integrating YOGA and ART THERAPY has been proven to be an important component of healing, because one learns how to engage the body in a mindful way.

Attributes YOGA and ART have in commons:


Guided by intention

Promotes self-awareness

Encourages flow state

Activates the limbic brain

Reduces stress

Encourages observation rather than judgement


Encourages change and healing

Anna Sandoval is an artist and nationally registered art therapist who is clinically trained to address a wide range of mental issues including stress, depression, and anxiety.  She speciaizes in working with anyone who is facing challenging transitions that could evolve into dysfunction.

Overview of the THEMES of the NITHA Workshops:


Communication Skills

External Stress-Internal Reaction

Gratitude and Spirituality

Positive Thinking/Art Opening

For further information and schedule, please contact: 

Anna Sandoval    (352) 220-1100

Donna Yanus          (727) 698-8275

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